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Rio Grande Valley Grilled Onions

Rio Grande Valley Grilled Onions

Everybody loves soft, translucent, tasty grilled onions. They can accompany any grilled item ―  even vegetables. With grilling, the odor is gone and the flavor remains.  Add ham, an egg and mushrooms and you have a filling dish that adds pizzazz to any meal.  Start with the usual and give your grilling guests a surprise and a big Wow!


  •  4 very large onions ( Texas Sweet 1015 if you can get ‘em)
  •  1 Egg
  •  ½ Cup chopped ham
  •  ½ slice white bread (no crust)
  •  1 TBLS Milk
  •  2.5 Oz can chopped mushrooms
  •  4 TBLS butter
  •  1 Tsp KA-Ranch Seasoned Salt
  •  Fresh parsley

Take a thin, flat cut off the top of each onion.  Remove pulp with a melon baller, but leave the sides firm. Chop pulp and set aside.

Mix the butter with the seasoned salt and set aside.

Soak bread in milk for a few seconds and squeeze out the milk (discard milk).

Mix remaining ingredients with about 3/4 of the chopped onion pulp (save the remaining chopped onion for another use) and divide into onions.  Spread1 TBLS butter on top of each onion and wrap in buttered foil.

Cook on covered hot grill for 20 min.

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