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The KA-Ranch

Tucked away in deep in southern Dallas county there lies a small ranch.  In the far corner, between the stables and the barn, there are two wood piles, one for general firewood to keep warm when it’s cold outside; the other is select hardwoods for making the best BBQ this side of the Red River.

We love to entertain folks out here at the ranch.  The name “Texas” comes from the Spanish word “Tejas” (pronounced tay-haws) which means “friendship”.  That’s exactly what you will find here.  We get family and friends from around the world stopping in for a visit.

Usually we will fire up the grill or the BBQ smoker for the occasion where the guest may be invited to critique the latest seasoning being developed, or try one of the old favorites for the first time.  While the food is cooking, the grownups will relax on the porch while the kids will run off to play with the horses in the pasture or take a cool dip in the pond.  Grandma Pat will soon show up with a huge pan of her Backyard Baked Beans.

After a good meal we will visit and relax amidst the sweet smell of cedar trees on a hot day.  The crickets will chime in when the sun goes down.  Often times we’ll end up sitting around the campfire, telling stories and toasting marshmallows under a starry Texas sky.

On special occasions, or any time
we can muster up a big enough crowd, we love to stage an authentic Texas BBQ! ***See my upcoming Blog on how to stage a Texas BBQ***

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