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A Texas Christmas BBQ Smoked Ham at the KA-Ranch

     Christmas is a very special time for us here at The Ranch.  Friends and family all gather up together at Grandma Pat’s to relax around the fire catching up on things with one another and looking back at fond memories created throughout the year.  The younger ones will be scurrying in and out, stirring up the dogs and darting between legs, while they patiently wait for the gift exchange.  All the while the Dallas Cowboys are defeating their opponents on the big screen TV.

            Before the gift exchange there is Christmas Dinner.  Grandma Pat spends the week before making up special pies from old family recipes.  Trouble is that only Great Granny knows some of those recipes.  Even at a healthy 88 she is apt to forget an ingredient or measurement from time to time.  Nevertheless there is never any shortage of delicious pies filling the dessert table
            The main course is usually a turkey and ham sharing the center stage adorned by various specialty sides from traditional family recipes.  Now a little about family tastes, Uncle Scott loves the jalapeño.  His nephew, Big C knows his mustards.  Our friend Steve is a bourbon aficionado and my wife; well she is just a sweet as honey!  My job as pitmaster is to make this all come together, so here it is:

KA-Ranch Texas Family Ham

Score the ham. Combine the honey, brown sugar, bourbon, jalapeño pepper, dry mustard and ground cloves to make a basting mixture. Mix well and brush over the outside of the ham. Basting frequently, let the ham stand for 1 to 2 hours or until it reaches room temperature.
Prepare an ECB or water smoker to take 10 pounds of lump charcoal, 5 quarts hot water, 3 to 4 wood sticks and smoke 4-6 hours.
When ready to smoke, remove ham from dish, stud with cloves and place on smoker grid. Baste at least twice while smoking and  once during the last hour of smoking. Using a meat thermometer, fully cooked ham should reach an internal temperature of 130 to140 degrees. Make certain the thermometer is not touching the bone.

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